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System covering concurrency factor 2-3 machines with outlet diameters of 100-150mm or single machines with similar total outlets
(edge banders, cnc-processing centres, panel sizing saws)

Mobile deduster and accessories


Vacumobil EA 200-4.0A Vacumobil EA 200-4.0A (PDF-97KB) 
Max. Airflow3130m³/h @ 2060 Pa
Filter area12.65m²
Suction port200mm
Motor – fan4.0 kW, 3X400 V, 50Hz
Motor – shaker0.18kW, 1x230 V, 50Hz
Weight approx430Kg
Measurements2256 X 988 X 2100 mm

This is a mobile or fixed position deduster with particular high performance for extracting from one or several dust sources. Fitted with a vibration cleaning system for the filter elements for low filter resistance. It offers a high degree of operational safety and optimum comfort. It has been tested by the German Wood Trade Association and certified.


Ducting for three machines including fixing materials, Manual shut-off valves and Machine outlet connections
Summer Heat Dump and Return Air System

Recommended Optional Accessories


Automatic shut-off dampers
Activated by machine on/off
Control system for auto-dampers
Machine switch also starts
Fire extinguishing system
Powder type (automatic)
Back pressure flap (certified)
Bin level indicator
Silencer with 8dB(A) reduction


Complies with the regulations TRGS 553 and has been tested by the Wood Trade Association according to GS-HO-07
Permanent safe compliance with the maximum residual dust content of 0.2 mg/m³ is guaranteed
Installation in work areas allowed without additional fire guarding and explosion safety measures
Recommended by the Wood Trade Association for the suctioning off of individual or several dust sources

Connection diameter 200mm for extracting from machines with large air volume demands
No heat loss through 100% air return
With special accessories suitable as central
extraction plant for several machines
Optional integrated automatic switch on system saves manual switching on and off, increases operating comfort and safety at work and saves energy
Automatic filter cleaning in the course of operation intervals by vibration cleaning
BIA tested filter material with small flow through resistance, high degree of precipitation and long life
Large mobile filling containers with more than 300 litres capacity

Exceedingly compact: transport height 2m
Optional 3.5 KW or 4.0 KW three-phase drives
Suction connecting piece optional at the right or left hand side (can also be altered subsequently through reconstruction)

We would like to give additional relevant information to current European and German regulations focusing on the following points:

  1. The European relevant regulation covering all centralised dust extraction systems is prEN 12779, which will become effective this year (pr = proposal)
    This regulation refers to extraction plants above air flow of 6000 m³/h and will cover all new plants
    Exceptions are going to be made for mobile dedusters with air flows below 6000 m³/h, that have to meet special requirements if installed indoor and mainly focus on explosion and fire prevention measures.
  2. The existing occupational exposure limit should not exceed – according to regulations – 2 mg/m³ using standard machinery. Exceptions are being made for certain special machines.
  3. Regarding sanders, there is no recommendation for separate extraction as sophisticated extraction plants are equipped with certain safety devices to cover additional risks.
  4. According to regulations, minimum air velocity at outlets is 20m/s, which does not cover higher requirements of machine manufacturers that should be met in any case and means for average calculation reasons basically higher air velocities.
  5. Sophisticated extraction plants respectively mobile dedusters are required to meet residual dust content in the outlet air of 0.1-0.2 mg/m³, which allows operation of such systems – especially mobile dedusters – with 100% return air all the time.


Taking all requirements into account we recommend the installation of mobile dedusters of certain sizes providing the following main advantages:

  • In line with European and German regulation requirements (all certifications available)
  • Indoor installation allowed providing 100% return air with residual dust content in outlet air max. 0.2 mg/m³, in case of outdoor installation return air can be provided by ducting equipped with – if required – fire gates
  • Mobile dedusters type EA250/300 equipped with additional required safety devices (possible also for EA200 if requested)
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Certain explosion tested equipment
  • Operational noise level without additional silencer equipment 75 respectively 80dB(A), with silencer equipment 67 respectively 71dB(A)
  • Discharge to be effected by filling tanks, rotary valve or briquette press (additional accessories)
  • Dedusting can be effected by compressed air jet-dedusting system instead of vibration system to cover increased requirements (additional accessories)
  • Fully automatic operation of the extraction system that can be equipped with automatic slide valves.

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