Dust Extraction and Filtration Systems

Dust Extraction is the extraction of small particles from a machine or process which reduces labour time in cleaning up the mess left and provides a healthier environment for the workers in the area. Dust extraction is can be utilised in many different types of particle extraction, from pharmaceutical companies to school woodworking rooms. Filtrex have a system that suits your needs.

Dust extraction systems extract waste material at source through a central ducting system which discharges the collected waste into a filter housing. The air is then forced through filter elements which separate the dust particles from the air, leaving clean, uncontaminated air discharging to atmosphere or returning to the workplace. The particles collected on the filter are automatically removed by various cleaning methods and discharged from the filter housing for removal or recycling.

Filtrex are committed to designing systems that lead to overall energy reduction by the use of high efficiency fans driven by energy saving inverter drives.

These systems can offer energy savings of up to 60% over a conventional filter system.


Efficient Dust Extraction Systems lead to:

  • Clean working environments that comply with Health and Safety Legislation
  • Better performing and longer lasting machines and tooling
  • Reduced labour costs associated with waste handling and cleaning
  • Reduced energy costs


Filter Systems

Filtrex are leading suppliers in Ireland of Hocker Polytechink and Aagard Filter Systems. See our brochures below for more information on systems we can offer.




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