Roscrea Leisure Centre

Roscrea Leisure Centre- 500 kW Herz Biomass Boiler

In 2012 Filtrex was tasked with taking over the operation and management of Biomass system that was not operating correctly, we made a number of changes to the controls and heat supply system and currently operate the boiler as a ESCo – Energy Supply Contract.

Filtrex found issues with the initial installation in regards to the ability of the boiler to export sufficient heat to the plant; this was found to be due to the incorrect sizing of the buffer vessels. A 5000l vessel was installed that enables the boiler to store excess heat at time of lower demand and provide sufficient when this heat demand rises.

Upon the clients request we installed a centralised ash removal system which allowed the boiler to empty less frequently thus reducing labour costs.

The system had major issues with the integration of the biomass boiler, the oil back up and the BMS control systems, Filtrex reconfigured the system so the boils would operate in sync with each other and the heat supply could be controlled remotely from the complex.

Heat is currently supplied by means of an energy supply contract, where the client is only billed for the heat they use, Filtrex provide the service and fuels and bill the company only on heat supplied by the biomass boiler.


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