Newport Mouldings Boiler and Dust Extraction

Newport Moulding Integrated Boiler & Dust Extraction System

Filtrex designed and installed a bespoke system which would extract and collected wood waste from the plant and feed it a silo and burn the waste wood to provide heating and process heat. The air is extracted from hood on each of the process machines, travels at high level to the fan which transports the air to the filter. The waste removed from the filter is transported to the silo via a conveyor system to the silo.

The filtered air then passes through a return air ductwork system, fitted with fire dampers and a summer heat dump valve, back to the production area. This ensures minimal heat loss in winter and practical ventilation in the summer months.

From the silo the wood is fed into the boiler via an agitator to a 350 Endress Biomass Boiler to burn the waste wood and turn it into heat, this type of boiler is ideal for this operation as its robust construction allows varying  fuel allow for combustion of different types and sizes of wood with ease. The exhaust gases are filtered through a cyclone before being vented through a stainless steel exhaust.

The heat was the exported to building heat the building via air heating units to provide heat for the premises. A diffuser was also installed diffuse excess heat during the warm summer months. A shredder was also integrated to the system to allow larger pieces of waste wood to be burned ion the boiler.

Dust Extraction System

  • Fan Aagaard AVD 10 kW
  • Aagaard AKF-5
  • Filter Area - 320m2
  • Air Flow volume 31,465 m3/h

Biomass Boiler Systems

  • 350 kW Endres USF-W
  • Fuel – process wood waste
  • Fuel Handling System
  • Endress Agitator
  • Aagaard Silo 46m3

Flue System

  • Aagaard AC 700 Cyclone
  • Jeremias 350Ø


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