Kilmoon Cross Nurseries

Filtrex’s latest biomass boiler project was designed and built late in 2015. The system was design to work in conjunction with the clients existing oil boilers to provide heat for a climate controlled greenhouse growing operation.  This biomass boiler system was designed to fulfill the client’s base heat requirement with the oil boiler providing extra heat in extreme cold snaps whilst also guaranteeing full system reliability.

As part of the project Filtrex designed, built and managed all aspects of the build including the boiler house, fuel store, boiler system and fuel filling system. The boiler house was purpose designed built and designed to allow optimum access for servicing whist at same time having the smallest possible foot print.

The fuel filling system agitator and auger were all supplied by JPA and consist of an unloading trough, a vertical auger and wood chip thrower to disperse the chip in the store to maximise capacity. A angled 5m diameter agitator pushes the fuel into the infeed auger which supplied the boiler.

The boiler, cyclone separator and control system were all supplied by Linka. The boiler is the moving grate type boiler, with a cyclone separator using to separate fine particle from the exhaust which was needed due to its close proximity to the client’s glass houses. The cyclone feeds into a Jeremias 400 diameter flue which rises to a height of 10 m to further disperse the exhaust gases.

An export pump transfers the heat to the clients existing system allowing the existing climate control system to control the export of heat. The design allows the clients existing 3 MW oil boilers make up the shortfall in heat.



Boiler System- Linka

  • 800 kW
  • Wood Chip or Pellets
  • 3*5000l Buffer Vessels

Fuel Handling System

  • Spring Arm Agitator with Integrated Outfeed auger
  • Trough & Auger Fuel Filling System

Flue System

  • Jeremias  Stainless Steel 400 Ø
  • Linka Cyclone Separator to reduce emissions


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