Pharmaceutical Modular Wood Chip Boiler

Leading Pharmaceutical Company - Modular Boiler House Design – 200 kW

In 2014 Filtrex undertook the design of a modular drop on site boiler house and fuel store for a leading pharmaceutical company based in Cork.

The client desired a biomass boiler to provide process heat to reduce their carbon emissions and reduce the associated cost of providing process heat for their plant, but without the potential disruptions of having boiler house built on site.

Filtrex designed and fabricated and installed a turnkey modular boiler house which could be dropped on site and simply connected to the existing service and control systems greatly reducing the works time on site and the associated inconvenience.

The design compromises 3 containerised units which were manufactured off site; module 1 consists of the 200 kW Herz biomass boiler, 3000 litre buffer vessels and associated control systems. The fuel store is split into two modules, module 2 contains the infeed auger agitator and dive, module 3 contains the filling system and levelling augers.

Each module was transported to site and craned into position before being fixed together and connected to plant service. This reduced the normal 9 weeks build time to three weeks, and reduced the number of men and trades on site. Thus greatly reducing disruption associated with having a project of this size being completed on their business.

The design incorporates a number of features which enable it to meet the exacting standards employed by multinational pharmaceutical companies. The modules are fire rated to 1 hour outside and 1 hour inside, and contain fire doors and automatic fire dampers to ensure the building met the same standards as the rest of the plant.

The client wished to have a chimney which matches the same size and profile of the other flues on site; therefore we installed a bespoke free stranding flue in the company livery. The fuel filling system also posed a unique set of issues as the unloading and unloading of the fuel was not allowed to interfere with the goods unloading at the site. We designed and installed a system offset and at 90° to the building which allowed the delivery trailer to unload without compromising any of the businesses operations.



Boiler System – Herz Biomass Boiler

  • 200 kW

  • Fuel – Wood Chips G30-G50

  • 3000l buffer vessel

  • Touch Screen Control

Fuel Handling System:

  • Agitator

  • Fuel Filling system

Flue System

  • One piece 12m Chimney including foundations


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